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  • 15 Feb, 2015
  • Java

Project Description

"Packline" - part of the automated system for processing and delivery of orders, responsible for control of the process of packaging the shipments. Before the parcel or cargo will be delivered to you, it has to be properly packaged and sent, and this requires:

  • to scan a barcode of a parcel and to find an order in a database;
  • to weigh a parcel and to measure cargo overall dimensions;
  • to take a picture of the posting that the sender could make sure of integrity and completeness of the order;
  • to print labels and to issue the shipment in accordance with the rules of transportation.

All these operations are carried out on a conveyor consisting of multiple workstations and a set of various equipment: bar code scanners, scales, cameras, image scanners, video cameras and printers. Packline is the executive mechanism of the conveyor, the smart program controlling all this equipment.

From a technical aspect the program is a desktop application written in JavaFX. Packline has a unique user interface allowing to control the workstation by means of finger touches that is the extremely important for the operator who also occupied with the packaging of goods.

During the development of this system it was very difficult to set up coordinated work of all devices connected to the station. On Java is not so easy to control the equipment, but we managed to create a layer of drivers for various interfaces (RS232, TWAIN / WIA, Bluetooth), which works flawlessly on the conveyor.

At the moment the application is running in a production environment of the customer, processing thousands of orders a day, ensuring the stable functioning of his business.