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Mobile applications

Dilicon team has deep expertise in applications development on major mobile platforms: iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android and Windows Phone. Our experience covers a variety of fields of activity: business, finance, gaming and information for a number of industries. We can provide a large range of custom mobile application solutions tailored to your requirements:

  • Social networking mobile applications including geo-location based search features and integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+
  • GPS based mobile apps intended for tracking solutions
  • Financial & Payment processing applications
  • Corporate or Brand mobile apps
  • Apps for Gaming and Entertainment
  • Barcode scanners and point of sales applications
  • Peer-to-peer cross-device communication with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, including iBeacons
  • Streaming video playback of MPEG and H.264 over HTTP/RTSP and HTTP live streaming
  • Voip mobile applications
  • Integration of mobile applications with your Corporate ERPs
  • Instant Messaging & Chat mobile applications

Mobile UI / UX Design

We create the ultimate experience by carefully crafting each element in the mobile design

Mobile App Development

Our engineers work swiftly to build, iterate, test and launch your mobile products across platforms

Server Backend Development

We build productive, easy-to-manage and -maintain back-end systems for mobility solutions


We spare you the boring and time-consuming task of submitting your app to the different stores

Web applications

Dilicon offers custom development of responsive web applications for businesses in a variety of domains — news and media, healthcare, manufacturing, package delivery and any other enterprise portals. We develop web systems that automate related routines and provide access to the aggregated and structured content. Our team is experienced in B2B and B2C development and can provide custom ecommerce solutions for your specific requirements and with highly customizable functionality:

  • Personalized user accounts
  • Inventory, order and customer management solutions with procurement features
  • Online communication features
  • Tracking and notification systems
  • Navigation and full-text search
  • Media streaming support
  • Full integration with third-party customer support services
  • Multiple languages and regions support

We can develop custom software from scratch or we can take your existing system and add whatever functionality you require. We look ahead to offer you the best suited solutions as per your requirements.

Application and data integration

We bring data together from departmental and enterprise systems to cloud environments

Advanced system design

We develop distributed architecture for high system availability, accelerated response time, and superior load resistance

Responsive design

We develop highly interactive and user-friendly interfaces which scales to desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones now and in the future

Data visualization

Autocharting and "what does it mean" balloons can help even novice users to understand and derive the most value from their data

Cloud computing applications

Dilicon has experience of developing distributed computing applications running in cloud environment. Large amount of data, collected from on sales, customer purchasing history, goods transportation, consumption and other services, often require complex calculations that would take years for individual computers to complete them. We can develop and deploy applications, that can run on a grid computing system to tap into processing power of all available computers in a cluster, significantly speeding up the calculation.

The scope of application of distributed cloud computing:

  • High speed data mining applications
  • Text tokenization, indexing and search
  • Search engine analtyics and data filtering
  • Statistical analysis and modeling at scale
  • Any kind of scientific computing

Cloud Architecture Patterns

We develop solutions which handle scalability, failure handling, distributed users and big data

Computing Capacity

We do speedy deployment of technical computing, analytics or Hadoop workloads in the cloud


Running distributed computing apps in cloud environment eliminates any worries about future scalability

Time to market

With cloud computing you'll eliminate procurement delays for computing hardware and software

Technical Estimation

We use industry-standard methods of calculating the time and cost for software development projects. The estimate can predict effort needed, budget limits and schedule for your project. Tell us what you need and we'll prepare an estimate based on the work required.

Our technical estimation process follows these steps:

  • Determine user objectives
  • Collect user stories
  • Build use cases
  • Break down the requirements to implement each use case
  • Calculate time required to implement each use case
  • Determine how long the whole effort will take, including testing
  • Deliver the final technical estimate


We calculate cost price needed to allocate resources and time to plan a project.


We prepare an estimate for a project that tends to be both under budget and within the allocated time.


The accurate estimation of effort is key to successful software project costing and setting a realistic expected time to completion.


We manage resources in order to have the right skills available when needed for a specific task in a project.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Dilicon has quality experts who perform the integrated testing strategy within the development lifecycle. We apply QA and testing methodologies in place which helps us to deliver successful and minimal risk solutions.

Maintenance & Support

Dilicon assists you not only in customized application development but also maintaining them, which ensures smooth operations and reduces the cost of redeveloping and redeploying applications.