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  • 27 May, 2013
  • Java

Project Description

This is the report generator which creates a ready printing report from a template and sends it to the printer. Initially this utility was designed as the converter of reports from the outdated FreeReport format in the modern PDF/PCL/PostScript/PNG formats. However during the development process the converter has been reborn in printing engine with its own powerful language and extended library of embedded functions. Currently it is used for preparing of print forms for shipping operators and printing them on standard HP laser printer as well as specialized label printers such as Zebra and Godex.

Apache FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) is used as rendering engine. The layout of the report can be prepared in the XML or FRF, after which it is converted into a format XSL-FO and further Apache FOP renders the resulting pages to a specified output, primarily in PDF.

One of important functions of the converter is substitution of values in report variables. Values are selected from the database connected optionally. To calcualte the values of complex expressions the JEXL library (Java EXpression Language) is used, providing dynamic and scripting features in reports.

Utility has become a fundamental unit in the project Packline - automated system for processing and delivery of orders.