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I am driving – call later!

Project Description

It’s a car answering machine which makes your driving more safely. The answering machine processes incoming calls by itself when you are driving in order to protect you from distraction while on the road. You can create a set of rules which will automatically decline an incoming call or accept it by switching to a hands-free. Also this app can send an SMS message to notify your caller that you are busy and driving.

The app automatically activates when you start motion, your speed is being determined using the internal GPS receiver of the phone.

As far as application processes incoming calls, it is integrated with internal telephony service of the phone. This functionality is not provided by Android platform by default, so we had to investigate the platform from inside and used some undocumented features.

This app gave us a good experience in distribution on different markets and application stores. The app is being sold now at Handster, Pdassi, Ubinuri as well as at Google Play.

Live Preview
  • Skills:

    • Android